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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Elf Reviews

These Cosmetics that are $1 each or $3 for the Studio (Nars Dupe) are in popular talk. But does the quality match the price?
I'm going to go down the website and review each product I have used
1) Brightening Eye Color (Silver Lining) It is a very good eyeshadow quad, pigmenting fairly (+) well but for long lasting vibrant color you'll need a good base(-). In all, (0)
2) Shimmering Facial Whip (Lilac Petal) Would Not reccomend. Smells like Lemon (+) but is messy (-) and shimmer fades and drys into your skin in a few minutes (-). In all, (-)
3) Liquid Eyeliner (Black) A Decent Eyeliner, Easy to use (+) Hard to Remove (-) In all, (-)
4) Regular & Waterproof Mascara Duo (Black) Works well (+) Natural Looking (o) A bit clumpy need to wiggle through (-) Easy to remove Regular side (+) In all, (0)
5) Mechanical Eyelash Curler: Works Well (+) Hard to get all eyelashes in (-) Rubber Easy to clean(+) Rubber falls apart and eyeshadow sticks to is (-), In all, (O)
6) Eye Shadow Brush: Best Brush of the Set(++) Soft (=) Works Well (+) In all, (+)
7) Brow Comb and Brush: Okay (o), Top Falls Off after a while (-) In all, (-)
8) Super Glossy Lip Shine (Angel) Smells like Gushers (+) <-- that one depends on preference, Not Sticky or Oily (+) Tinted but not tooo much (+) In all, (+)
9) Hyper shine Gloss (Blossom and Flirt) Only Last A month or so (-) Tinted enough (+) Sticky (-) Short Lasting (-) In all, (-)
10) Therapeutic Conditioning Lip Balm (Strawberry Creme) Only for use at night and with a mirror (-) Chalky Looking and stuff (-) Oily(-) Works its purpose (+) Leaves lips chapped (-) In all, (-)
11) Tone Correcting Concealer (Ivory) Doesn't Conceal Well (-) In all, (-)
12) Clarifying Pressed Powder (Honey) THIS IS MY 3rd ONE!!! >
13) Natural Radiance Blusher (Glow) Matte (+ for oily skin) Long lasting (+) Cool Packaging (+) messy-ish (-) In all, (+)
14) Contouring Blush and Bronzer Duo: Complete Dupe for Nars Blush/Bronzer Duo $38 or $3? Hm... (+++). Bronzer a bit dark (-) Blush Shiny (-) Nothing Real Special (-) In all, (o)
15) Total Face Brush: Rough (-) Works Well (+) In all, ( O)
16) Foundation Brush: Nothing Special (O) In all, (O)
17) Angled Contour Brush: Soft (+) Thin (-) In all, (O)
18) Concealer Brush: Tiny (O) In all, (O) Can live without
19) Elf Elements: Nice Eyeshadows but not for on the go uses as it bounces around and crumbles easy

Note: I recommend buying in store unless you know exactly what you want bc the colors are distorted in the online pictures
Key: (-) Con, (+)Pro, (o) Neutral)


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Instant No-Sew Top!

Hey ppl! I haven't blogged in a while... and you haven't commented... at all!! Say WHAT!?!?!
Anyways.. If anyone does happen to read this and find the title slightly amusing read on!
This Makes A Wrap-Style Butterfly Sleeve Top
~ A Scarf
~ A Tank Top
~ Skinny Jeans (Or your preffered type of pant.. as long as you wear pants I'm not stopping you)
~ Belt
How To:
Step 1: Put on a Tank Top
Step 2: Get A Scarf (Rectangle and fairly long and wide)
Step 3: Spread the Scarf out
Step 4: Wrap the Scarf around you like a Shawl.
Step 5: Bring the sides together and belt it
Step 6: Fix as you wish, your lower back should not have any scarf covering it, so unless your scarf is sheer wear the same color tank.
It should look something like this:

Sorry for the 30 second sketch but it will look a little better in actuality!

Au Revoir!
~ Belle Edlynn Cahill!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Make A Magnet You

This is for girls who want to see what outfits look like on them without having to try them on!

3 Versions
A) Drawing
B) Photos
C) iPhone/iTouch App

1. Draw a Mannequin of you!
2. Color in your hair and skin tone!
3. Trace/Draw your clothing and acc.! (this will take forever)
4. Cut out
5. Glue to Magnets
6. Glue the Mannequin you paper to a giant Magnet
1. Take a Straight on Full body picture of you in a black or white tank top and short leggings
2. Print
3. Take Photos of your clothes
4. Scale
5. Print and cut out
6. Follow steps 5 and 6 in version A

C) There are apps for this.. look for em.. idk them but I'm sure there are some :) lol

Monday, October 4, 2010

Fall Trends and Colors 2010

In a nutshell....

- Military
- Lace
- Menswear as Womens wear
- Minimalism
- Drop Waist
- Grommetts/Studs
- Patchwork
- Luxe Fabrics
- Turtlenecks under Dresses
- Big Prints
- Slouch Boots
- Equestrian

- Greige
- Camel
- Lipstick Red
- Chocolate Truffle
- Woodbine/Olive
- Oyster Gray
- Rose Dust
- Living Coral
- Golden Glow
- Lagoon

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bright Eyes Tutorial

Hey Y'all so we all know how school can just drain the life out of us and therefore, we always look tired especially around the eyes so I'm gonna tell ya how to make you look alot more awake and wide eyed!
(Inspired by meganheartsmakeup on Youtube)

Under Eye Concealer/Tinted Moisturizer
Matte Light Eye Shadow (Try E.L.F. Ivory $1)
Eyelash Curler (E.L.F. $1)
Shimmery Light Color
Concealer brush/Thin Square Brush
Fluffly small dome brush/Eyeshadow Brush


Step 1: Conceal Under Eye Shadows and double the concealer as eye primer and apply it to your whole lid.

Step 2: Use the Matte Color with the Dome Brush and Cover the Lid

Step 3: Take the Shimmery color and line the eye and the inner v

Step 4: Use the matte color again as a highlight under the brow bone

Step 5: Line your eyes (Optional)

Step 6: Curl Lashes

Step 7: Apply Mascara (Optional)

Step 8: Lightly Spray Fix+ (Or water mixed with soap) and fan your face till dry

Now even if your not completely awake at school you'll look it! :)

*E.L.F. can be found on there website or at any Target
FTC: I am not being paid to advertise e.l.f. or affiliated with them or Target in any way, shape, or form.

~ Belle!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

All you aspiring fashion designers!!

Heres an easy sewing project calllled "Le Sac" from american apparel heres a pic

i just made one and its super cute! i cant wait to have an occasicoin to wear it!

so its super easy and cheaper to make it
go to the fabric store and get 2 yards of fabric in your fave color/print
prefered fabric: knit wear (but its $10 a yard)
so i got : county classic ($2 a yd) much cheaper even though its much stiffer and doesnt flow as well
and get quilt binding in a matching/contrasting color

so you wrapp it around you 1.5 times then cutthen fold that in half and cut sew up the sides back up leavign 8 inches at the top not sewn for arms

then sew in a loop hem for the quilt binding (aka le string) and string through with a saftey pin, hem then there you go LE SAC! it has over 9 different ways to wear it and its $6 to make much cheaper then the selling price of almost $40.

there are vids on youtube on how to do it.

comment if you want more posts like this!


Saturday, August 7, 2010


New Style of Art I am trying called Drawn2Life where you lets say draw a car then put aluminum foil for the mirrors, scraps of rubber for wheels, bottle caps for hub caps etc.


Friday, July 30, 2010


I bought this Hula Honey Bathing Suit from Macy's but in the center I added that button and on the lower corner those gold buttons as well!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Makeup Artist

Here's instructions on how to get a natural day-to-day look:
* Means what I currently use
^ Means I've never tried it

1. Primer:

*~ DIY version: $7 max. Moisturizer, Liquid Foundation. Mix


2. Concealer:
~ Revlon Color Stay Blemish Concealer $8
~ Revlon Color Stay Under Eye Concealer $8
(These two work, but you must blend them in well because they dry out in a lighter shade if not mixed in right)
*~ Essence Forget it! 3 in 1 Concealer $3 Buy at: Ulta (I like this one because it has 3 colors, that explain in the back, very creamy and covers well)
^~ Elf Tone Correcting Concealer $1 Buy At: Target (According to my Source, it does not work for blemishes)

Apply with in package applicator or Concealer Brush

3. Foundation: Liquid for Dry skin, Powder for Oily
~ Cover Girl Clean Pressed Power $4-6 (This one is good because they have it personalized for your skin)
~ Jane SPF $? (Good Liquid but bad applicator)
~ Elf Clarifying Pressed Powder $1 Buy at: Target (Great, use as concealer as well)
*~ Essence Mineral Foundation $3 Buy at: Ulta (Nice, nothing special but a good price)

Apply with Sponge or a Total Face Brush, for smaller areas use an Eyeshadow Brush

4. Blush: For Bigger pores use a matte blush.
^~ NYC blush $3-4
*~ Essence 2 in 1 blush (Good, not too glittery but just a bit so you don't look dry)
~ Relvon Blush and Bronzer $4-6 (Ok, Too Glittery for me)
~ Maybelline 43 Mambo Mauve (Good, still Glittery)
~ Nude Nude Clinique

Apply with brush

5. Lipsticks/Glosses
NYX 127 Pink Frost (Too light for me, great consistencies)
*NYX 15 Neutrogena 0 Juicy Pink (Clear shade)
NYX Tea Rose (Love it, don't buy online because the colors are ALOT different, open it and see the color, don't judge by the little color swatch on the back)
08 Groove (Great texture)
Elf Hypershine Flirt
*Elf Hypershine Blossom (Lip brush that works GREAT!)
*Elf Therapeutic Conditioning Balm Strawberry Creme (Use before sleeping to keep lips from drying)
Clinique natural Gloss

6. Eyeshadow (For Fancier Occasions) Eyeshadows
Elf Brightening Eye Color
Elf Single Eyeshadows (Good Powdery Texture)
720 Moonlit Jewels 06 Revlon (Very Creamy, Pretty Colors though)
Clinique (Good, half and half powder cream)

7. Mascara (For Fancier Occasions)
Revlon Lash Fantasy (Good, not wonderful, but great, takes a while to dry)

8. Finishing Spray
~ MAC Fix Plus
~ DIY, 3 parts water 1 part glycerin (buy at drugstore OR use gel soap/shampoo - check the ingredients)

Stipple with Brush

9. Brushes
From ELF (Target) they are $1
~ Total face brush (blush, foundation, stippling)
~ Foundation Brush (Foundation, Bronzer, Blush)
~ Eye Shadow brush (Dry Concealer, Dry Foundation, Eyeshadow, Dry Blush)
~Concealer Brush (Liquid Concealer, Eye Primer, Eye Shadow, Liquid Eye Liner, Lip Liner,)


So all in all (What are must haves/what I use daily)

~ Essence 3 in 1 concealer $3
~ Essence 2 in 1 blush $3
~ Essence Mineral Foundation $3
~ NYX Clear/Natural Shade Gloss $6
~ Clear Lipstick

You can use alternatives but these work and aren't to expensive, the cheapest brands I've found so far are Essence, ELF, and NYC.

:) Belle


Hey, from now on I will occasionally post sketches: (All ownership -unless otherwise notified- goes to Belle Edlynn) Thank you!
For a Fancy Party, Dress from Charlotte Russe
For a Night Out, Shirt from Marshalls, Cardigan from Gap/Forever 21, Shorts from JCPenney/H&M, Necklace from Claires/Laila Rowe/Temptations
Wedding Dress Inspired by Belle
Make it Shine Inspired by Victoria Justice's Outfit in The Pilot of Victorious

:) Belle

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Art of PRADA (LOLz)

Hey, today I got a Prada Handbag at a local community sale, I was wondering if it was real, and if so what model/season is it and how much is it worth?
~Triangle tan logo with PRADA, Milano, DAL 1913 and the logo of a cross in a shield,
~ Thick lining with Prada and swirlys
~ 4 front pockets, two back , and one inner
Belle :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Art of Friendship

YES IT'S CLICHE. Oh well, it's the big thing going on in my life so I'm gonna talk about it.
Anyways, I think that there doesn't always HAVE to be a reason to be friends with someone, just because it makes you happy to be with them is all that matters. Friends stay on the same page, understand what the others are going through and always accept each other no matter what things may seem like. Also believing a friend when they suddenly change personalities, attitudes, or look.

Stick with your friends and they'll stick with you. It's a lot of work, but like most things, it's worth it.

Friday, April 23, 2010

The Art of Fashion

Where I work, fashion is not taken lightly, it can set people's standards on you, it can tear you down in a day. Make sure you have a close bud who can tell you if anythings gone awry in you look. First off, make sure everything is SECURE! Meaning expired what happens if you hair clip comes undone, or you jacket rides up: Will those things ruin you? If so find a solution OR choose an alternative! Today I wore a:
~ Gray and Silver Pleat Plaid Skirt
~ Gray Baby Fit Button-Down Blouse
~ Bright Blue Short Sleeve Jacket
~ Bright Blue Plaid Headband
~ Bright Blue Plaid Cloth Bangle Anklets

2 major mistakes:
a) Anklets, looked strange and uncomfortable, I switched one to a bracelet and the other I put away
b) Headband, Lemme explain, I originally (a few years ago) had side bangs, now as I'm growing them out, and since they are curly, they do not fit into my ponytail. So the headband proved ineffective to keep my bangs back.

See, though everyone has a different sense of taste, I think that it doesn't mater if its "in" as long as everything matches
(polyvore, member: notline) [an example of BAD matching]

Whereas my account (Belle Edlynn) though it may not be "in" or what other's find cute, everything DOES match.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Art of Persuasion

Before I get to today's topic I would like to add a blurb on teamwork.
Sports are team games, therefore regardless of one's skill, or experience in the field (no pun intended) you should include everyone on your team.
Anyways, being able to successfully persuade people to follow your will is one of the greatest talents and gifts one can have or learn. In acting, you must not only persuade the audience but make them fully believe you are the role you are playing. In competitions, you must persuade the judges that your work is the best. When you're caught playing games on your computer instead of work, you must persuade your boss you were "researching" :). Even persuading your friends that you're going to be the next thing on Broadway.

Hey, I'm just another person trying to find their place in this world of lies!

:D Belle

Post Script: The average Person lies about 3 times a day, "I'm Fine" being the most common.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Performing Arts

Midsummer's Night Dream.
Written by Shakespeare, One of the world's greatest playwrights.
I hope to portray Puck :).
"All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts,
His acts being seven ages." ~ Jacques, As You Like It.
So True.
"What fools [we] mortals be" ~ Puck, Midsummer's Night Dream.
I mean to some of us, being late or forgetting a task is upsetting and unbalances our 'perfect' little worlds, but when you look at the big picture, we're here blogging (me included), tweeting, emailing, chatting, face-booking, while others out there are suffering horribly.

Sometimes in life, we just have to step back from our problems and lend a hand.
Everyone has problems and dilemmas, people just cope differently.

Until next time, find the creative way out, as life is an art.

:) Belle

Monday, April 19, 2010


As you may or may not have noticed, my blog is called THE ART OF LIFE.
I believe all of life is an art from clothing to houses, cars to work, it is all an art.
I believe this as I am an artist, the world is my palette and I will make my impression on it.
I do performing arts as well as written and drawn, from painting to fashion design, singing to modeling to acting.
All of its an ART.
Con Artists
Disguise Artists
Marshall Artists
Performing Artists
All the worlds an art.
All of life is art.