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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bright Eyes Tutorial

Hey Y'all so we all know how school can just drain the life out of us and therefore, we always look tired especially around the eyes so I'm gonna tell ya how to make you look alot more awake and wide eyed!
(Inspired by meganheartsmakeup on Youtube)

Under Eye Concealer/Tinted Moisturizer
Matte Light Eye Shadow (Try E.L.F. Ivory $1)
Eyelash Curler (E.L.F. $1)
Shimmery Light Color
Concealer brush/Thin Square Brush
Fluffly small dome brush/Eyeshadow Brush


Step 1: Conceal Under Eye Shadows and double the concealer as eye primer and apply it to your whole lid.

Step 2: Use the Matte Color with the Dome Brush and Cover the Lid

Step 3: Take the Shimmery color and line the eye and the inner v

Step 4: Use the matte color again as a highlight under the brow bone

Step 5: Line your eyes (Optional)

Step 6: Curl Lashes

Step 7: Apply Mascara (Optional)

Step 8: Lightly Spray Fix+ (Or water mixed with soap) and fan your face till dry

Now even if your not completely awake at school you'll look it! :)

*E.L.F. can be found on there website or at any Target
FTC: I am not being paid to advertise e.l.f. or affiliated with them or Target in any way, shape, or form.

~ Belle!