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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Elf Reviews

These Cosmetics that are $1 each or $3 for the Studio (Nars Dupe) are in popular talk. But does the quality match the price?
I'm going to go down the website and review each product I have used
1) Brightening Eye Color (Silver Lining) It is a very good eyeshadow quad, pigmenting fairly (+) well but for long lasting vibrant color you'll need a good base(-). In all, (0)
2) Shimmering Facial Whip (Lilac Petal) Would Not reccomend. Smells like Lemon (+) but is messy (-) and shimmer fades and drys into your skin in a few minutes (-). In all, (-)
3) Liquid Eyeliner (Black) A Decent Eyeliner, Easy to use (+) Hard to Remove (-) In all, (-)
4) Regular & Waterproof Mascara Duo (Black) Works well (+) Natural Looking (o) A bit clumpy need to wiggle through (-) Easy to remove Regular side (+) In all, (0)
5) Mechanical Eyelash Curler: Works Well (+) Hard to get all eyelashes in (-) Rubber Easy to clean(+) Rubber falls apart and eyeshadow sticks to is (-), In all, (O)
6) Eye Shadow Brush: Best Brush of the Set(++) Soft (=) Works Well (+) In all, (+)
7) Brow Comb and Brush: Okay (o), Top Falls Off after a while (-) In all, (-)
8) Super Glossy Lip Shine (Angel) Smells like Gushers (+) <-- that one depends on preference, Not Sticky or Oily (+) Tinted but not tooo much (+) In all, (+)
9) Hyper shine Gloss (Blossom and Flirt) Only Last A month or so (-) Tinted enough (+) Sticky (-) Short Lasting (-) In all, (-)
10) Therapeutic Conditioning Lip Balm (Strawberry Creme) Only for use at night and with a mirror (-) Chalky Looking and stuff (-) Oily(-) Works its purpose (+) Leaves lips chapped (-) In all, (-)
11) Tone Correcting Concealer (Ivory) Doesn't Conceal Well (-) In all, (-)
12) Clarifying Pressed Powder (Honey) THIS IS MY 3rd ONE!!! >
13) Natural Radiance Blusher (Glow) Matte (+ for oily skin) Long lasting (+) Cool Packaging (+) messy-ish (-) In all, (+)
14) Contouring Blush and Bronzer Duo: Complete Dupe for Nars Blush/Bronzer Duo $38 or $3? Hm... (+++). Bronzer a bit dark (-) Blush Shiny (-) Nothing Real Special (-) In all, (o)
15) Total Face Brush: Rough (-) Works Well (+) In all, ( O)
16) Foundation Brush: Nothing Special (O) In all, (O)
17) Angled Contour Brush: Soft (+) Thin (-) In all, (O)
18) Concealer Brush: Tiny (O) In all, (O) Can live without
19) Elf Elements: Nice Eyeshadows but not for on the go uses as it bounces around and crumbles easy

Note: I recommend buying in store unless you know exactly what you want bc the colors are distorted in the online pictures
Key: (-) Con, (+)Pro, (o) Neutral)