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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tips for Auditioning/Performing

This is for Musical Theater (Singing/Acting/Dancing)
~ Drink some tea with honey the day before to make sure your voice is in good condition
~ For the same reason do not whisper, yell or strain your voice the day before
~ Use Deodorant because you want to be able to dance your best
~ Stretch before Dance audition so your body is ready to move
~ Practice Lines before in different tones and styles in case they ask for different ways and so it will become second nature to adjust your style of voice
~ Do Warm-Ups in all 3
~ Dress a little bit like the character you want to be or like uniforms of the group (if it is a choir) so you sneak into the casters subliminal mind and it makes it easier for them to visualize you in that part
~ Do your very very best
~ Try method acting
~ Study the characters mannerisms and tone
~ Get to know the people you are competing/working with
~ Try to predict who will be who through process of elimination (ie: its highly unlikely a girl would play romeo or a boy play juliet)
~ Hang out with these people so the caster can see who you interact with well
~ Project!
~ Use your whole Body

Tips for Modeling
~Be Confident
~ Study up!
~ Develop your own style and look
~ Don't stick to the norm. be edgy and different (ie: most girls under 20 wear uggs, skinny jeans, and plain see through or off the shoulder tops)
~ Put your all into it

Tips for Rejection
~ It's okay to cry... but only when you are alone
~ Expect it and criticism, by being an artist, the most controversial job/hobby you are automatically putting yourself out there vulnerably for hate and rejection.
~ Don't worry, rejection doesn't mean your a bad artist/performer. It's normal it just means you were not fit for the directors vision.
~ You only make 1/45 auditions you try out for in the part you wanted*

*Trust me with this I've auditioned for over a dozen shows and plays and been in maybe 8 but only got the role I wanted in maybe 1 or 2.

Any Specific Roles in mind? Ask Below for specific tips!

~ Belle

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Marbled Nails

This is from
It's all hers buuuuuttttttt heres a tutorial for them:

What you'll need:
At least 2 different nail polishes
A Small Bowl
A Nail Polish Base
A Toothpick

Gather the nail polishes you want to use
Apply A Base Coat
Fill a Small Bowl with water
Put a few drops into the water (of nail polish ) close but not necessarily touching,
Swirl with toothpick into a design
Place nail in facing the design
Clean layer of water
Repeat of which ever nails you are doing
NOTE: Practice makes perfect!! It is not the easiest thing and you'll have to do it rather quickly before the nail polish dries in the water.

Have fun and post your own pics and link them in the comments!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Spring/Summer Trends of 2011

~ Biker Chic
~ See Through Maxi Dresses
~ Lace
~ 60's Ladylike
~ Cat-eye Sunglasses
~ Sophisticated 70's Style
~ Tassel Trim
~ Clogs (imho, this is one I'll avoid..)
~ Kitten Heels
~ Brights (No Neon, Brights, there's a fine line difference)
~ Blue and Yellow Combo
~ Big Florals
~ Bride-like clothing
~ Exquisite Tomboy
~ Blissful (Meaning Neutral, same shade H2T)
~ Eco (Nature-like)
~ Unfinished Look

~ Honeysuckle
~ Black
~ Gray
~ Ochre
~ A sunset Orange
~ Cornflower (YES!!! my fav color)
~ Azure
~ Powder Blue
~ Blush
~ Rose/ a pinky burgendy

collected from sites like,, and some other places

Remember, its a good start from the trends but still keep it you. If you don't like a trend, you don't have to follow! :) simple as that

~ Belle :)