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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

All you aspiring fashion designers!!

Heres an easy sewing project calllled "Le Sac" from american apparel heres a pic

i just made one and its super cute! i cant wait to have an occasicoin to wear it!

so its super easy and cheaper to make it
go to the fabric store and get 2 yards of fabric in your fave color/print
prefered fabric: knit wear (but its $10 a yard)
so i got : county classic ($2 a yd) much cheaper even though its much stiffer and doesnt flow as well
and get quilt binding in a matching/contrasting color

so you wrapp it around you 1.5 times then cutthen fold that in half and cut sew up the sides back up leavign 8 inches at the top not sewn for arms

then sew in a loop hem for the quilt binding (aka le string) and string through with a saftey pin, hem then there you go LE SAC! it has over 9 different ways to wear it and its $6 to make much cheaper then the selling price of almost $40.

there are vids on youtube on how to do it.

comment if you want more posts like this!


Saturday, August 7, 2010


New Style of Art I am trying called Drawn2Life where you lets say draw a car then put aluminum foil for the mirrors, scraps of rubber for wheels, bottle caps for hub caps etc.