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Friday, July 6, 2012

Organizing and Decorating for under $5!

Hey guys! Today I'm going to give you some ideas for how to organize and decorate parts of your room (or house) for under $5!

Pictures will be below

1. Glass Bowls. You can get them from the dollar store or a thrift store of even lying around home (make sure they aren't the super nice kind though). Fill them with anything from your bracelets to small gems (The kind from museums)

2. Wicker Shelfs. Again you can find these at a thrift or maybe dollar store. I got mine at a garage sale for 50 cents! Use these to store lotions or perfumes.

3. Felt Tie and Belt holders. You can get these at Target or Walmart, $4 for a pack of 2. I use one to store my headbands and wider arm bands and the other to store my wristlets and lanyards.

4. Cardboard Box. You can get these anywhere. I found mine in the Garage. Just cut out one of the flat sides and paint it or cover it in any color/pattern you want, then stick tacks in it and use it to store your necklaces.
Also with these boxes, cover them in an old shopping bag to make it look nicer and use it to organize your above closet space.

5. Wooden Hangers. You need the type that have the rod on the bottom for holding pants (The old fashioned/fancy kind). Then you can use this to store belts!

6. Cap Holder. From Walmart its $4 and you can use it to hang your purses on the back of your closet door!

7. Jewelry/Charm Holder. Use an arts and crafts bead storage box (The ones with many compartments) and put your jewelry charms into them.

Okay! That's all I got for now, but leave a comment on how you store your things and your thoughts.



Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring/Summer 2012 Fashion Trends

Some Trends conflict due to different sources

~ High-Low Skirts and Dresses
~ Asymmetrical Necklines and Hemlines
~ Lace Tops/Shorts
~ International/Tribal
~ Crochet
~ Sheer
~ Mesh
~ 1 Shoulder
~ Ethereal
~ Sporty Chic
~ Mixed Print
~ 20's Cocktail Dresses
~ Large Hats
~ Fringe
~ Maxi Dress/Skirt
~ Mini Dress/Skirt

~ Mint Green
~ Neon
~ Tangerine
~ Pastels
~ Gold

~ Feathers
~ Silver
~ Abstract or Water-Painty Florals
~ Punk-Styled Tees
~ Gray
~ Folk/Tribal Print
~ Pleats
~ Midi Dress/Skirt
~ Stars

Sources: ,, Style Magazine, etc.

Personally I disagree with Abstract Florals and Tribal Print being out... but... C'est la mode!

~ Belle


Start at 4pm (so they should be hungry by now) have the party start DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY FOOD OR DRINK!!! Before hand ask them there favorite dessert/snack food/beverage.

Enter, REAPING-- Have everyone's names in the bowl (at least 12 ppl please) and draw each person to a district and tell them that (if you have more than 12) that the tributes from 1, 2, and 4 may work together and the tributes in the same districts may work together. But in the end they must turn on each other its there choice.

TRAINING Have different stations like
*Knotting: Friendship Bracelets
*Camouflaging: Some Painting Project
*Throwing: Dart Board
*Also Jump Roping
Silent Speedball

After an hour or so of training go to a nearby field or park.

THE GAMES Set up a small picnic table in the middle with LIMITED water and food (some candy/snacks) Tell Them the rules on your way there.

RULES: Everyone gets a handkerchief that the tuck into a sash or belt that they wear so someone can grab it but it won't fall out on its own.
Object of the game, be the last one "alive". You kill someone by removing there handkerchief from them.
The prize for winning is your favorite snack and some other small item of your choice.
There will be a Cornucopia (the table) with food you can run and get food from it if you so choose.
If you purposely lose or "kill" yourself you won't get any water or food until the games are over. Once there is a winner they get there "prize" (cookie/soda etc.) and a ribbon or something then return to house for dinner/cake.

Let the Games Begin! and may the odds be ever in your favor.