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Monday, May 24, 2010

Makeup Artist

Here's instructions on how to get a natural day-to-day look:
* Means what I currently use
^ Means I've never tried it

1. Primer:

*~ DIY version: $7 max. Moisturizer, Liquid Foundation. Mix


2. Concealer:
~ Revlon Color Stay Blemish Concealer $8
~ Revlon Color Stay Under Eye Concealer $8
(These two work, but you must blend them in well because they dry out in a lighter shade if not mixed in right)
*~ Essence Forget it! 3 in 1 Concealer $3 Buy at: Ulta (I like this one because it has 3 colors, that explain in the back, very creamy and covers well)
^~ Elf Tone Correcting Concealer $1 Buy At: Target (According to my Source, it does not work for blemishes)

Apply with in package applicator or Concealer Brush

3. Foundation: Liquid for Dry skin, Powder for Oily
~ Cover Girl Clean Pressed Power $4-6 (This one is good because they have it personalized for your skin)
~ Jane SPF $? (Good Liquid but bad applicator)
~ Elf Clarifying Pressed Powder $1 Buy at: Target (Great, use as concealer as well)
*~ Essence Mineral Foundation $3 Buy at: Ulta (Nice, nothing special but a good price)

Apply with Sponge or a Total Face Brush, for smaller areas use an Eyeshadow Brush

4. Blush: For Bigger pores use a matte blush.
^~ NYC blush $3-4
*~ Essence 2 in 1 blush (Good, not too glittery but just a bit so you don't look dry)
~ Relvon Blush and Bronzer $4-6 (Ok, Too Glittery for me)
~ Maybelline 43 Mambo Mauve (Good, still Glittery)
~ Nude Nude Clinique

Apply with brush

5. Lipsticks/Glosses
NYX 127 Pink Frost (Too light for me, great consistencies)
*NYX 15 Neutrogena 0 Juicy Pink (Clear shade)
NYX Tea Rose (Love it, don't buy online because the colors are ALOT different, open it and see the color, don't judge by the little color swatch on the back)
08 Groove (Great texture)
Elf Hypershine Flirt
*Elf Hypershine Blossom (Lip brush that works GREAT!)
*Elf Therapeutic Conditioning Balm Strawberry Creme (Use before sleeping to keep lips from drying)
Clinique natural Gloss

6. Eyeshadow (For Fancier Occasions) Eyeshadows
Elf Brightening Eye Color
Elf Single Eyeshadows (Good Powdery Texture)
720 Moonlit Jewels 06 Revlon (Very Creamy, Pretty Colors though)
Clinique (Good, half and half powder cream)

7. Mascara (For Fancier Occasions)
Revlon Lash Fantasy (Good, not wonderful, but great, takes a while to dry)

8. Finishing Spray
~ MAC Fix Plus
~ DIY, 3 parts water 1 part glycerin (buy at drugstore OR use gel soap/shampoo - check the ingredients)

Stipple with Brush

9. Brushes
From ELF (Target) they are $1
~ Total face brush (blush, foundation, stippling)
~ Foundation Brush (Foundation, Bronzer, Blush)
~ Eye Shadow brush (Dry Concealer, Dry Foundation, Eyeshadow, Dry Blush)
~Concealer Brush (Liquid Concealer, Eye Primer, Eye Shadow, Liquid Eye Liner, Lip Liner,)


So all in all (What are must haves/what I use daily)

~ Essence 3 in 1 concealer $3
~ Essence 2 in 1 blush $3
~ Essence Mineral Foundation $3
~ NYX Clear/Natural Shade Gloss $6
~ Clear Lipstick

You can use alternatives but these work and aren't to expensive, the cheapest brands I've found so far are Essence, ELF, and NYC.

:) Belle

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