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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Make A Magnet You

This is for girls who want to see what outfits look like on them without having to try them on!

3 Versions
A) Drawing
B) Photos
C) iPhone/iTouch App

1. Draw a Mannequin of you!
2. Color in your hair and skin tone!
3. Trace/Draw your clothing and acc.! (this will take forever)
4. Cut out
5. Glue to Magnets
6. Glue the Mannequin you paper to a giant Magnet
1. Take a Straight on Full body picture of you in a black or white tank top and short leggings
2. Print
3. Take Photos of your clothes
4. Scale
5. Print and cut out
6. Follow steps 5 and 6 in version A

C) There are apps for this.. look for em.. idk them but I'm sure there are some :) lol

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