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Friday, April 23, 2010

The Art of Fashion

Where I work, fashion is not taken lightly, it can set people's standards on you, it can tear you down in a day. Make sure you have a close bud who can tell you if anythings gone awry in you look. First off, make sure everything is SECURE! Meaning expired what happens if you hair clip comes undone, or you jacket rides up: Will those things ruin you? If so find a solution OR choose an alternative! Today I wore a:
~ Gray and Silver Pleat Plaid Skirt
~ Gray Baby Fit Button-Down Blouse
~ Bright Blue Short Sleeve Jacket
~ Bright Blue Plaid Headband
~ Bright Blue Plaid Cloth Bangle Anklets

2 major mistakes:
a) Anklets, looked strange and uncomfortable, I switched one to a bracelet and the other I put away
b) Headband, Lemme explain, I originally (a few years ago) had side bangs, now as I'm growing them out, and since they are curly, they do not fit into my ponytail. So the headband proved ineffective to keep my bangs back.

See, though everyone has a different sense of taste, I think that it doesn't mater if its "in" as long as everything matches
(polyvore, member: notline) [an example of BAD matching]

Whereas my account (Belle Edlynn) though it may not be "in" or what other's find cute, everything DOES match.

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