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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Art of Persuasion

Before I get to today's topic I would like to add a blurb on teamwork.
Sports are team games, therefore regardless of one's skill, or experience in the field (no pun intended) you should include everyone on your team.
Anyways, being able to successfully persuade people to follow your will is one of the greatest talents and gifts one can have or learn. In acting, you must not only persuade the audience but make them fully believe you are the role you are playing. In competitions, you must persuade the judges that your work is the best. When you're caught playing games on your computer instead of work, you must persuade your boss you were "researching" :). Even persuading your friends that you're going to be the next thing on Broadway.

Hey, I'm just another person trying to find their place in this world of lies!

:D Belle

Post Script: The average Person lies about 3 times a day, "I'm Fine" being the most common.

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