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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Marbled Nails

This is from
It's all hers buuuuuttttttt heres a tutorial for them:

What you'll need:
At least 2 different nail polishes
A Small Bowl
A Nail Polish Base
A Toothpick

Gather the nail polishes you want to use
Apply A Base Coat
Fill a Small Bowl with water
Put a few drops into the water (of nail polish ) close but not necessarily touching,
Swirl with toothpick into a design
Place nail in facing the design
Clean layer of water
Repeat of which ever nails you are doing
NOTE: Practice makes perfect!! It is not the easiest thing and you'll have to do it rather quickly before the nail polish dries in the water.

Have fun and post your own pics and link them in the comments!!

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