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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tips for Auditioning/Performing

This is for Musical Theater (Singing/Acting/Dancing)
~ Drink some tea with honey the day before to make sure your voice is in good condition
~ For the same reason do not whisper, yell or strain your voice the day before
~ Use Deodorant because you want to be able to dance your best
~ Stretch before Dance audition so your body is ready to move
~ Practice Lines before in different tones and styles in case they ask for different ways and so it will become second nature to adjust your style of voice
~ Do Warm-Ups in all 3
~ Dress a little bit like the character you want to be or like uniforms of the group (if it is a choir) so you sneak into the casters subliminal mind and it makes it easier for them to visualize you in that part
~ Do your very very best
~ Try method acting
~ Study the characters mannerisms and tone
~ Get to know the people you are competing/working with
~ Try to predict who will be who through process of elimination (ie: its highly unlikely a girl would play romeo or a boy play juliet)
~ Hang out with these people so the caster can see who you interact with well
~ Project!
~ Use your whole Body

Tips for Modeling
~Be Confident
~ Study up!
~ Develop your own style and look
~ Don't stick to the norm. be edgy and different (ie: most girls under 20 wear uggs, skinny jeans, and plain see through or off the shoulder tops)
~ Put your all into it

Tips for Rejection
~ It's okay to cry... but only when you are alone
~ Expect it and criticism, by being an artist, the most controversial job/hobby you are automatically putting yourself out there vulnerably for hate and rejection.
~ Don't worry, rejection doesn't mean your a bad artist/performer. It's normal it just means you were not fit for the directors vision.
~ You only make 1/45 auditions you try out for in the part you wanted*

*Trust me with this I've auditioned for over a dozen shows and plays and been in maybe 8 but only got the role I wanted in maybe 1 or 2.

Any Specific Roles in mind? Ask Below for specific tips!

~ Belle

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